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    I am taking pre-orders for SPRING silkie chicks (6 chick minimum).
    I plan on hatching only preorders. I am cramped for space and will be selling more eggs than chicks unless pre-orders warrant hatching chicks. So place your orders so I know how many I need to hatch this season. I have White, B/B/S, Splash, Partridge, Silver Partridge, Buffs, and Black Lavender splits.

    I care for the chicks until they are 2 weeks old to make sure they have a great start and get them through the crucial time period. Then your babies are off to you.

    It is a 6 chick minimum, they are $20 each. Shipping is $55 and that includes box fee.
    I CAN SHIP UP TO 10-12 CHICKS IN ONE BOX. SIX CHICK $55 OR 12 CHICKS $65. Or I can do 25 chicks in a 50 chick box (as they will be a bit bigger) for $75 shipping and a price break at 25 chick or more will be $15 each. SO KEEP THAT IN MIND WHEN ORDERING YOUR CHICKS.

    As orders come in I will be putting eggs in bator each weekend for the weeks orders. I will let you know when your chicks have hatched and a ruff idea when I will be shipping them. Thanks to all past, present and returning customers.

    I will start shipping chicks as soon as I can once they are of age. I will check with you before shipping to make sure weather is ok on both ends.

    If you would like to see pics of my silkies go to as there is a birds of all the colors I have.

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