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Oct 15, 2014
I've gotten ok at gendering the leghorns and barred rocks that we've raised on our farm...but I am wanting to add some Ameraucana and Easter Eggers. I have been reading about them and sexing them seems near impossible. Does anyone have any tips?? I know when i sex our chicks, right off the bat our roos sit more alert and upright in the brood than the hens. Any other little cues, color markings, etc to look for with the Ameraucana and Easter Eggers?

Oh and the chicks i am going to be shopping through are about 5 wks old now.


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Nov 22, 2008
By 5 weeks old there should be some obvious signs you can look for with the Easter Eggers, at least from my experience in the past. The boys a lot of time will have red leakage in their wings (but not always), their combs will be more red in color, larger and wider, these are a little older but hopefully will still help . . .
Three young EE roo's

Compared to girls the same age (I think about 8 wks here)

The girls combs should have no redness to them, be small and narrow, a "single row of peas" compared to "three rows of peas" for boys. Do you know if they have true Ameraucanas? With certain colors like wheaten you can tell almost 100% at 5 wks, but they must be pure ams, same comb rules apply though, look for the chicks with the least developed combs for girls. Some can still end up pulling a gender switch on you, but it's the best way to go a that age.
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