Prebiotics / Resistant Starch for Chickens

Noreaster Egger

6 Years
May 22, 2016
Does anyone here supplement their birds with resistant starch (RS)? For those unaware, RS is not very digestible in the digestive tract, but it moves on into the intestines to feed the good bacteria there. For people, good RS sources are green bananas/plantains, cooked and cooled potatoes/beans, and potato starch. I thought about getting some Bob's Red Mill unmodified potato starch to add to the chickens' feed. Has anyone else ever given their birds potato starch? I'm interested in the results.
Have you considered using fermented feed??? There's a link to an excellent article in my signature.
I've been fermenting since day and I have had some discussions on it in the big thread I believe. This is prebiotics whereas the fermented feed is probiotics. The resistant starch passes through the stomach and small intestine undigested and then goes into the colon to feed the good bacteria there in the gut.

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