Precious is a Proud Mommie


12 Years
Dec 24, 2007
West Virginia
I have a White Cochin hen that I call Precious. I call her that because she is so friendly and gentle. She is a first year pullet that started laying in December and went broody a few weeks ago. I decided to set her to see how she would do and she has two little ones under her this morning and 8 more on the way. She is so gentle and I believe she will make a good mother Hen. I am proud of her. I haven't been here in a while. I am glad to see so many others are having good hatches.
AWWWWW, congrats on the new chickies. I can't wait for one of mine to become a "mother hen" also. That is the cutest to me, to have those little fluffy butts peeking out from mama. CUTE.

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