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    Anybody have any experience with these or similar predator repellents? They received 28 reviews on Amazon and every one was 5 star... seems too good to be true.
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    I have 2 Night Guards (same product different name) at the front of my barn to keep out raccoons. I reposition them once a week so they don't get used to them. I've seen raccoons (through the security camera) come up to the barn door and arch up like a cat when they see the lights, then run off. But on the other hand when I had them outside I saw a possum walk right up to one and sniff it. I would NOT use them as my only line of defense.
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    Thanks Trish. I will have a lockable coop inside a lockable 10’x10’ enclosed cage run as primary night time defense
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  4. I would also recommend wiring on and burring chicken wire or hardwire cloth about a foot deep around your pen, It will help a lot to keep digging predators out. Hope this helps!

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