Predator killing my chickens


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Oct 18, 2021
Hello! I am new user and asking for help on finding out what kind of predator is attacking my chickens. It started probably around Wednesday or Thursday but didn’t notice 2 went missing until Friday. At first we thought they escaped as it’s what usually happens when they aren’t in their house. But my dad had noticed beaks at the top of the house, with no body in sight. That’s when we realized that we had a predator but we don’t know what kind as their area is very dark at night. Yesterday evening I put the last remaining cockerel in another house we have for our other flock, closed the opening into the house so in the morning the cockerel that would sleep in it’s cage under the house wouldn’t be attacked by the other flock and locked the door that entered into the cage. Unfortunately my dad left the door open when he went to add another layer of protection for the other flock in the house ( I am still very upset about this), which let the predators have an easy way in. In the morning I went to see if they chickens were all right but my eyes caught the door that was open, next seeing one of the hens with its crest ripped off from its head in the cage (she’s still alive). The Rhode Island Red and the Plymouth Rock managed to escape but the last cockerel was dead inside the house with its insides all eaten and it’s head cut off. We are planning to to put the 2 hens and the rooster into separate boxes and put them in the shed so they won’t be attacked, but I’d really like an idea of what animal is killing them, we probably think a fox or some kind of dog but I’m not sure. I’d really appreciate it, thank you! I’ll attach any pictures if you need any clues.


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Difficult to narrow down what killed your chickens.
Get a trail camera, but in the meantime, you need to make sure your coops are predator proof, as whatever is taking the birds will definitely be back.


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:welcome :frow I agree. It could have been most any predator. If you have a camera put it up because whatever it is will be back and then you will know what you're dealing with. I have several cameras and see a predator on at least one cameras most nights when they roam here. I have some cameras on posts that I move around. Good luck...
These are not current pictures but in the lower corner of the first picture is a coon. They haven't messed with the electric wires that goes around the coops and pens. It may have tested them previously and been zapped.
DSCF0002317T 03.jpg

IMAG0001 (22) 07.jpg

DSCF0014 01.jpg


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When they are torn open, in the coop, it is almost always a coon. And depending on your door closing, there is a good chance that the coons figured out how to open the latch. I have had several do that, they are amazingly smart.

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