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Discussion in 'Predators and Pests' started by Caincando1, Nov 16, 2010.

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    Oct 16, 2009
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    I know this is a lot of reading but I think this could be beneficial to a lot of people. I'm in the process of getting this put onto a survey website which will make it easier to read and respond.

    There are two communities of people that generally don’t communicate with each other, the hunters and trappers and those who don’t hunt or trap. There are often many times when people from both sides could benefit from connecting with those from the opposite side. What if there was a website that connected hunters and trappers who are looking for wild game, to those who don’t have the means or desire to hunt or trap pest animals that destroy or damage land, crops, livestock or even buildings?

    I have friends and acquaintances on both sides and I often frequent online forums from both sides. I am constantly hearing and reading about people who have pest animal that they need to get rid of but aren’t the kind of person to do it themselves. On the other side, I hear and read about hunters and trappers constantly looking for game and places to hunt. I see people needing raccoons removed because they are getting in their rabbit hutch or deer in their garden or coyotes killing their house cats or fox in their chicken coops, etc. There are plenty of people who would jump at the opportunity to get their hands on more game. The problems seems to be, the two sides aren’t in the same social circles and don’t know about the other ones problems or needs.

    What if there was a website that could help both sides? The site would be set up in a very simple manner. On the website there will be a picture of the US divided into states. The user can click on the state they want to view. Within each state, the map would drop down to counties. So again the user can click on the county (or multiple counties) they are interested in. At this point the site will be set up to enter a posting for either someone needing pest animal removal or someone looking to remove pest animals. It would need to be set up in a way to keep every user anonymous in order to ease people’s fears of becoming a target of anti-hunting and trapping groups.

    The user will then be able to enter a post which will only be identified by a number and will appear in a color correct box. The posts will be color coded with one color on one side of the screen for those needing pest animal removals. While those looking to help with pest animal removal being in another color on the other side of the screen. The post box will contain information regarding things like species of animal, needs, wants, locations and requirements. This way, people can easily communicate what they are comfortable with in order to help the right people find each other. There will be a messaging option in which a user can message another user. This will be a message system completely contained within the site which will not use anyone’s personal information nor email addresses. This way, people can exchange messages without the fear of someone obtaining their personal information. I know some people are more than willing to post their personal information on the internet and may think that this is over kill. Unfortunately there are people that do not agree with hunting and trapping and will go to great length to cause trouble for others.

    At some point users will need to exchange contact information. This will be done via the messaging system which allows people to determine if they want to contact the other person. Now this does not mean that trouble makers will not go through all this just to get someone phone number or address or something. But I believe it will greatly reduce the risk. Those that need pest removal will not generally be the target of anti-hunting/trapping organizations and they should be able to give their information to a potential hunter/trapper with little risk.

    I have just a couple final thoughts. The site will clearly explain that it is just a site for people to connect and it will be completely up to the users to abide by all laws pertaining to the removal of the pest animal. This website could be used by amateurs as well as professional pest animal removers. Also my intention is to make the site free to users because I am not sure if people would actually pay to use it. This would mean that in order to fund the marketing of the website, it would have to rely on advertising funds. Therefore the site will need a lot of traffic to support the advertisers.

    At this point, I need everyone’s input. I believe this potential site needs to be marketed across the entire US. I would greatly appreciate any information you are willing to give. I have attached a survey and would be very interested to know what people think.

    1. Do you feel you would use a website like this? Y/N
    2. How many people do you personally know that you feel would use this website?
    a. 1-5
    b. 5-10
    c. 10-15
    d. 15 or more
    3. Which category would you identify with?
    a. I need pest animals removed
    b. I would like to help remove pest animal
    4. If you would opt to use this site would it be because
    a. You have pest animals and would prefer to have a local hunter/trapper help you remove them
    b. You have pest animals and would prefer to pay a professional to remove the animals
    c. You would like to find game closer to your current location
    d. You would like to find game farther from you because you are willing to travel to obtain the game
    e. You are paid to remove pest animals and you feel you could find potential clients
    5. What state and county do you live in? ________________________
    6. Would you opt not to use this website because of fear from anti-hunting and tapping organizations? Y/N
    7. Are you interested in being a part of creating and marketing this website? Y/N
    a. If so what would you like to contribute?
    8. What suggestions would you have that would ensure you would use this website? __________________________________________________
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  2. panner123

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    Jan 15, 2007
    Garden Valley, ca
    This might work, but as you know an easier way would be to contact someone that yu know and trust to help you. As you stated, you know people on both sides of the fence. We all do.
    I am the first one to call upon Mr. Smith & Mr Wesson when the time calls for them. Yet, I will sit and watch mama bear and her cubs play on the hill side. As long as they do not plan to make a dinner out of my critters, they are free to cross my property and help themself to a bit of grain or a drink from the creek.
  3. aprophet

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    Jan 12, 2010
    chesapeake Va.
    number 6 is mostly meaningless to me I deal with and am around antis all the time. number 7 I participate at several other websites that kina do what you describe just not as organized as you describe. the state I live in has damage trappers listed on the natural resources page I am listed as someone who does this professionally for a living ie I am compensated for what I do depends on the size and nature of the problem some are more of a maintenance thingy then a one time visit depending on the time of the year the problem is occurring I am open to bartering, when the service agreement I get signed is signed I specify terms etc. most weeks after I am done I get a lot of word of mouth about how good I am at what I do.. I have been known to trap grey fox at the mall LOL
  4. jmc

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    Jul 22, 2008
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    i feel pretty certain i coiuld find someone around here IF i were disinclined to 'do in' a pest myself, which i am not. But if an elephant showed up, i might need to look for someone else out there................
  5. Debbi

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    May 2, 2010
    My concern with this idea is the "amateur" aspect of it all. This is the internet, and you may not have any clue as to who will show up. I know quite a few people that fancy themselves as "hunters/trappers", but there is NO WAY that I would allow them on my property, let alone with a gun! Should someone make contact with some whiskey sucking yahoo with a rifle, and he comes to someone's home and does damage, or worse, then YOU may be open to a law suit. Like most here, I can take care of my own predators, but for those who can't, I would highly suggest contacting your local Fish & Game, or Conservation Dept. for a professional hunter, or at least one that has a reputable track record. In this crazy world today, I would be very leery of inviting a stranger to my home with a gun! JMHO
  6. Caincando1

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    Oct 16, 2009
    Dodge Center MN
    Quote:Quote:Thank you two the feedback. I agree that many of us can take care of our own flock. Reading this forum daily and seeing the daily posts asking for help shows that many people aren’t like us. I spend a lot of time in this forum and there are quite a few people right here on the is website that have flat out said they do not have the equipment, skills or desire to dispatch the pest animals. This line is what led me to this quest “As you stated, you know people on both sides of the fence. We all do.” We may think that everyone knows a hunter or trapper. But surprising that’s not the case. It’s played out daily on this forum. Some people are more connected to the local hunting and trapping crowd than other. I’m surprised daily both online and in daily life how many people don’t know how to find hunters and trapper.
  7. Caincando1

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    Oct 16, 2009
    Dodge Center MN
    Quote:Quote:Again thank you two for you feedback!

    I value professionals and professionalism. Hence the reason why the site would cater to both paid professional and those who do not get paid. There are times and places where a paid professional is right person for the job. I know there will be people that will not want anything less that on their property.

    There are also cases where a paid professional is not needed or wanted. There are plenty of people who I’ve called amateur’s, which I now think may not be a good term to call them, who are just as professional but who aren’t paid for their services. Many hunters and trappers do what they do for the sport of catching the game or the value of the fur. This doesn’t mean that there aren’t some un-professional hunters and trappers. Because of this, I’ve tried to set up a process where people can establish what they want and weed out the unprofessional people before they show up at you house. Debbi had a great point regarding this. Hence the reason why the site would be tailored to allow the user to specify exactly what they want in hunter or trapper. For instance Debbi could specify that she wanted a paid professional nuisance trapper with all the appropriate licenses. The she could exchange private message with the individual before deciding to exchange contact information. Even then as the land owner it would still be her decision to allow the person to continue after meeting in person.

    Some local DNR’s or Fish and Game departments are better at helping connect people to damage trappers than others. Plus there are many people that do not need or want a paid professional. Therefore a site like would take up the slack where local networking is lacking. In the places where local networking is working well, it may seem redundant, but I bet many would be surprised to find out how many on both sides there are near each other and they never knew about the other.

    Everyone please keep the thoughts coming! I want to hear every angle whether its good, bad or ugly.

  8. Caincando1

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    Oct 16, 2009
    Dodge Center MN
    This is now in a short easy to use online survey. It’s completely anonymous. I was thinking that there would be quite a few people on this site that would be interested in finding someone to help them get rid of predators. It would be greatly appreciated if anyone would fill this out.

  9. Caincando1

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    Oct 16, 2009
    Dodge Center MN
    I just checked this survey and it looks like some people from this site have taken it. I appreciate it!

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