Predator Proofing, have fisher cats and raccoons nearby

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    Sep 22, 2015
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    Hello all;
    I'm new to chicken keeping. Currently purchased a good, sturdy coop for my 4 chickens. They are still only 2 weeks old so it will be some time before they are outside, but I like to be very prepared. I need advice from you all regarding the best predator proofing methods for their fenced in enclosure, which the coop will be in. I have read about hardware cloth, sunken cement blocks, and electric fencing. What methods seem to be most effective? I also plan on providing a top to the fenced in area to keep birds of prey out. Thank you in advance!
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    Hi there. I used hardware cloth on the bottom of my run. Also, I had some old patio stones, so I put them around my run. Nothing can dig thru them, and not many animals are smart enough to dig three feet out and go under everything. The ones who are (this has never happened to me) get blocked by the hardware cloth. For my roof, I have 2x4 running across every 3 feet, and it netted with chicken wire. I also have some sheets of tin on top to provide rain protection and some shade. Knock on wood but I've never had a break in so far, I've had my girls almost six months. Good Luck

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