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Cacklin" Hens

9 Years
Jan 26, 2010
Last year I had a friend that bought some guineas from me to raise. Well, at first they roosted with the chickens in the chicken coop. Then they started sleeping on the ground in the run connected to the chicken coop. Well, finally they started to sleep on the ground outside of the pen/run. He could not get them to roost in the trees (plenty of trees but mostly well grown pines) or in the chicken coop anymore. Also, he owns a convenience store and the chicken coop is like 30 yards behind store. He has LOTS of super bright street lights on his place. It looks like daylight almost and he is on a fairly major highway in the area. Well so one night he lost a guinea, and it might have been two of them but I can't recall, and there were LOTS of feathers and bits and pieces of meat with a sort of trail towards the woods across the road in front of the store. Well the guineas were determined they were still going to sleep there (on ground outside of coop and run) and about a night or two later another 1-3 guineas were gone with a LOT of feathers and bits and pieces of meat also making a trail towards the woods. Then there was only one female left and one male left. Well, a night or two later it got them two too and the same thing-lots of feathers and bits and pieces of meat in a trail towards the woods and also a egg! Remember that this place is well lit with fairly major highway and he closes at 10pm and opens at 4am-4:30am and he walks around a little at night checking on things. Does anybody have any idea what might have done this???

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