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I just found these little rubber arrow heads and wanted to pass the info on to the forum. They are a very soft rubber , designed for small game hunting. They use the impact energy of the arrow to kill small game, they are devastating on squirrels. I was thinking, they may be a more humane method of dealing with feral/ neighborhood dogs allowed to roam free. On a bigger, tougher animal,like a dog, I would think shooting them in the hind quarter with one of these would be equivalent to a swift kick in the bum. It shouldn't harm the dog, but would scare the begezus out of them, maybe causing them to avoid your property. Anyone used these before? Best regards, MiF
A little practice with a bow and arrow and you can get real accurate real fast.

The better the bow, the better it will hit what you are aiming at.

I'd be interested in hearing how well it works.
They call them Bludgeon tips.... When shot at Bears they are extremely effective. I don't shoot them at anything smaller, the impact may cause internal bleeding or broken ribs.

In regard to accuracy, I can hit a pie plate every time at 40 yards with my Mathews bow.
You probably don't want to shoot a dog with one of those out of a crossbow. It will likely cause broken bones and internal bleeding. Maybe you can use a lighter draw weight bow.

Modern compound bows and crossbows shoot at incredible velocities. I shot the neighbors duck with a paintball gun because it was in my garden eating tomatos. It killed it. I now only shoot things that I intend to kill.

If you are shooting these things at 300+ feet per second you are going to do damage to whatever it hits.

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