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    My friend said that his chickens where killed over a week. about 2 every night and nothing was left. He has small wire and he can't find anything like a hole. What is it?[​IMG]

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    Sorry about your friends chickens. A little more info may be helpful. Sounds like a raccoon. But again, a little more info.
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    Does his run have a closed top. Many predators like raccoons can climb. Minks can fit trough very small openings, although not through small wire.
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    Mink, weasel, possum, raccoon, fox, coyote, bobcat, fisher, skunk, dog, feral cat, GHO, hawk, and the list goes on. Everything likes to eat chickens. Without more information there is no way of narrowing down the list.
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    Your post is vague. Could a human being stealing them? It sounds to me like your saying that the chickens are just disappearing.
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    We've had a couple of predators break in our fenced in "chicken play yard" attached to their coop which we thought was secure. In our experiences a bobcat and a raccoon can sneak through even the smallest gaps in fence and even push through a fence attached with industrial staples. I hope you find the predator...have you tried setting out a live trap? In order to find the last predator (a raccoon) we set out a live trap with tuna and caught the coon in no time at all.

    Good Luck!

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