Mar 18, 2018
We would like to raise chickens but live in a wooded predator filled area. I would like to preferably buy instead of build--- a predator proof coop with a large enclosed roaming area for them to use during the day.

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Mar 9, 2014
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My Coop
Are you open to the idea of purchasing a prefabricated shed structure and then doing your own modifications to make it into an appropriate housing unit for your flock? This would be a good compromise between purchasing a prefabricated structure which are generally horribly unsuitable for their supposed intended purpose and starting from scratch to build your own structure from the ground up. Because your intention is to used the structure as your predator proof confinement area allowing appropriate space is going to be of great importance and unlikely to be met by the prefabricated units you can purchase. Additionally most of the pre built units are made of materials that are not terribly predator resistance in their quality and strength or construction. For the run I would suggest building that so that you can again have something of sufficient size and have something built with appropriate strength and material to be the predator resistant area you want. Hardware cloth is the way to go in my opinion when you're anticipating predator issues and I would encourage you to consider the addition of some electric fence. just a strand or 2 around the base can go a long way in preventing incursion by predators. If hardware cloth for the entire structure is not within the budget you can often use hardware cloth to go up the 1st 3' or so on the site of the run and then use a heavy wire with larger openings for the upper portions and the top. For example if using rolled fencing with 1 by 2 openings or panels designed for sheep. The strength of the wire is what will work in that area even though the openings are larger than what is provided by the hardware cloth. The hardware cloth around the bottom portion helps to prevent reaching attacks by more ground base predators.A skirt around the outside perimeter of your run can help to prevent digging in by predators who will attempt to enter that way
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