preditor control


9 Years
Sep 5, 2013
Anyone with preditor issues of the furbearer class (fox, racoons, mink ect) you have a few options. Check with state laws you are likely able to do whatever whenever to protect your livestock. Meaning kill them, or relocate them (check state laws, some animals cannot be relocated). During trapping season you could either find a trapper to come to your place to set live traps to take care of your problem or you can get a license and learn to do it yourself. That way you can sell the hides and other parts to help replace lost funds and perhaps get some extra money for future endevors. I prefer the live trap method due to the fact it is safer for your pets and livestock, as well as neighbors pets that may roam onto your property, and for animals that can be relocated far away.

Also I am not a huge fan of poultry netting, AKA chicken wire. The holes are to large and the wire is very thin. Racoons can make short work of that thin wire, while smaller animals (snakes) can squeeze through. I much prefer the use of "rat wire" also known as hardware cloth. That makes it much more difficult for anything to get in and much easier to cut to the right size and form to what you need.

This is a list of any chicken killers that I am aware of

fox, coyotes, and other dogs
bobcat (and other cats)
skunks (and all relatives including mink, fishers, wolverines ect)
birds of prey such as hawks, falcons ect.

many of those can be stopped by rat wire. others such as bears, really large cats such as cougars and possibly coyotes may need a more persuasive protection. a shotgun loaded with the self defence shells that have the rubber pellets in them can work wonders if you're not allowed to kill them or it is out of season to kill them.
actually, I really like pellet guns if you want to hurt but not harm any wildlife or stray dogs...check how much power the gun has if you want to make sure you don't break the skin.
I have had 9 pullets disapear in 2 weeks and cannot figure out what is getting them since I noticed the first one gone I have confined them in a smalle shed that they used to go in and range free and they are still comming up missing I did notice a small hole about 6 in in diameter under the tin and covered it and then found the next morning another one gone and another hole what could that be?

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