Prefab coops?


May 20, 2017
Where are some of the best places to look to purchase prefab coops?
We don't have the skill or time to build one before the chicks arrive.
Looking for one that will fit 8 full sized hens comfortably.

You're not going to find a prefab coop that actually fits 8 hens comfortably. Even the ones that say they do really only fit about two chickens. Plus, they aren't made of quality material and they'll start falling apart on you after a year or two.

A coop really only takes a weekend or two to build, so you've got time, because your chicks can be in a brooder in the house for a couple weeks before you're going to want to kick them out.

Or if you really don't want to build a coop yourself, browse craigslist to see what you can find or see if you can hire someone to build a nice one for you.
What dimensions should I look for to accommodate 8 hens comfortably in roosting and nesting?
do you have any links to share for some easy diy coops?
The general rule of thumb is 4 square feet per bird in the coop. You can fudge that a bit if they will only be using it for sleeping and won't be spending much time in there at all. 8" per bird is what is recommended for roost space (although they're all going to clump together anyways). And you want one nesting box for every three hens.

There are tons of good coop options in the Coops section here:
yes their run will be about 45'x12'8" and we will let them free range the yard with supervision (subdivision, and we have a pool) so they will have lots of space to be otherwise.
Hello I don't mean to butt in but my math say you would have 675 square foot run. I think that would be plenty of space @84' per bird. I would look at least a 4x8 coop but more space is better, especially if chicken math kicks in. :)
Whoops, in my last post I somehow got the number of chickens you could fit in that run mixed up with how many square feet it was. That's a silly mistake! Don't know how I did that.

So yes, plenty of room in that run. But, you still want to make the coop as big as you can. That's just a good idea, since chicken math tends to kick in and you may end up with more birds than you think you're going to have.
I think your math is off Pyxis. 45'x12'8"=567. Correct on the other info though. I keep 4 in a 10 sq. ft. coop but they use it only for sleeping and laying. The coop was bigger at one time but they still would prefer being outside even in 20 degree weather. Sun's up they are outside.

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