Pregnant Mini Alpine, Need Advice


Jan 13, 2019
Hello everyone! Hope everyone is enjoying to cold, snowy days. I just bought a 9 month old pregnant mini alpine doe in mid-January. Because I don't want her to be head-butted by my original herd of 3 larger does(bc I've heard pregnant does who are picked on can miscarry), I have her separate, but sharing a fence line with them. So my question is will she be ok alone until she kids in May? She doesn't seem lonely but you never know. I think it will be easier to combine them all after they kidded (2 of the 3 originals are pregnant) and had their 2 or so weeks alone with their kids. Then they'd all be "new" to the flock, and with babies they might be more docile.


10 Years
Mar 19, 2009
If they are sharing a fence line she should be OK. Here's one thing that MIGHT be worth a try. Since goats and other animals recognize each other by smell you could make sure they all smell alike. Put a dab of Vicks Vapo O Rub inside the nostrils and down the backbone of all the goats. If they all start beating on her anyway, you can promptly take her back out. Just a thought.
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