pregnant rabbit?


6 Years
Jul 1, 2013
bruce mines
I bred my rabbit 9 days ago and i thought she was two young(shes 4 months) but ive noticed shes a bit aggressive when i put my hand in she scratches me! And growls!she likes to take naps while laying on her side and i dont know if this is a sign but her teats are alot bigger and her stomach is more round (it fits in my palm) and shes very hungry and looks a bit confused alot i want her to have a safe birth though because shes so young they are free range so it wasnt purposed but i also dont want her to reabsorb her kits but i seen her breeding ouside my window please help
Firstly breeding such a young rabbit was not a good idea. She's sexually mature but still has some growing to do. It certainly sounds like she's pregnant. I've kept rabbits - free range - for a long time and their gestation period is only about 4 weeks. For now all you can really do is separate her from the other rabbits and make sure she has accessible food at all times.

You said you don't want to her to reabsorb the fetus but that may actually be safer than her attempting to give birth when she reaches full term. She is underaged and this is her first time so don't count on her being a good mother. You should keep an eye on this one. Sorry if I sounded harsh, but why did you breed her if you thought she was too young?

This PDF file may help you.

Good luck.

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