Prelim findings 4 out of 5 pullets!More?

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  1. Now to see if we are right! We featherchecked our 5day old EE's a few days ago and also have watched the rate of tail feathers growth. Looks like we may have a pullet boom! [​IMG] Today we also have 3hatched, one piped and 2 waiting under our other broody, Freda. We'll check those peeps in a day or two once everyone is hatched & settled out. [​IMG] for pullets!!!
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  2. 4 hatched, one piped & one to go! [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]
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    [​IMG] Finger, toes and eyes crossed for ya!

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    Hope you're right! My last one was much heavier on the pullets than any other hatch.
  5. [​IMG] 5 hatched, one to go and Freda is getting a bit annoyed at me peeking under her to see if that last green egg is piped yet. All the young'ns are settling in for the night sooooooo, I will have to be patient and check on Freda's new peeps in the a.m. . . .. maybe one more peek right before lights out. [​IMG] [​IMG] for pullets [​IMG] .... well maybe one EE boy fm a blue egg to share/take over Trevors duties in the future.

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