Premature Molt in 12 mo olds during Spring?


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Apr 5, 2011
The Dunes Indiana!
Hello all,

I posted awhile back that I thought my Easter Egger hens were getting picked on...a lot of them were missing parts of their beards and now it looks like the back of their necks. They are not even a year old yet, and its just barely spring here so it never crossed my mind it could be a molt...however, now I am certain my Partrifdge Rock girl, aged 13 months is molting. At first I though there was a fight in the coop as there were so many of her feathers all over...but seeing her today it is very obvious what is going on as all the little wax needles are popping out around her neck...she looks so miserable. I am giving her ground beef for extra protein.

Is this normal to have a molt so soon in the season and on birds so young? Is it becasue they laid so nice all winter? We heated their coop at night with red heat lamps for them all winter, so maybe that is why.

I am still not convinced that the EE's are molting vs. getting picked on.

I will add more pics later, but here's a pic of my EE hen...does this look like a molt to you? A few weeks ago I noticed the beards missing on some, now I noticed the necks which seems to fit a molting MO,.

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