Premature Pipping!? Any suggestions ??


11 Years
Aug 4, 2008
Camden, AR
Tonight I went in to turn the eggs one last time, put the hardware cloth in the bottom of the bator, and got quite a scare..... (8:00 pm began day 19)

over in one corner it looked like one of the eggs has cracked, and yellow goo was under several of the eggs nearest to it. I assumed that one had died off, and had rotted, then was in the process of exploding! We got the rest of the eggs out of the bator, into cartons with a warm towel over them to hold the heat, and began cleaning up the mess.

While Hubby lent a hand and cleaned the bator with hot water, I picked up the oozing egg, and there's a hole about the size of a dime on the underside, at the Wrong End! Imagine my shock and suprise when the beak of the baby inside starts moving, opening enough to breath!

Thankfully, I turn by hand, and had all the eggs laying on their sides in the outside ring of the bator floor.

I'm concerned about two things:
1) there's a ring of green/yellow gook now around part of the hole, Is It dangerous to chick in the egg, OR to the others?
2) Isn't this too early for hatching, and does this baby stand a chance?

three hours later, it's still alive, and I've tied the bator shut after adding water. Pic was taken thru the window, so I appologize if it isn't the best of quality.

I have a nice 3 day old day 19 chick, but am concerned about the yellow green...could be infection and spread, also breach pips don't suceed as often...what I would do is partition that egg in a corner I used foil rolled into a loose log and bent around and placed egg in clean margerine if yucky well contained so others don't get it.
Poor thing didn't make it thru the night.

This morning Hubby opened it up, and apparently, the silly thing had punctured it's yolk sac as well as pipping the wrong end. The goo we had found in the bator was the remain yolk draining out of the egg.

On the good side, we've got pips and peeps!


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