Premier poultry net with Freedom Rangers


9 Years
Feb 26, 2011
We are trying to finalize our setup for our Freedom Rangers that will be arriving end of April. Husband needs to get building and I need to order any necessary supplies. We are looking at a tractor within a Premier PoultryNet yard. I've read some posts about chicks getting through the holes of electric netting and/or some chickens flying over the top. Would these things be a problem with Freedom Rangers? My only other concern is hawks during the day, but I think we are just going to have to take a calculated risk on that to allow the benefit of the greater foraging area. Thanks for any insight!
Are you building a tractor or enclosed coop? At my house I found it is easier to make these things myself, rather they waiting for someone else to do this for me.(Plus u do't have to hear 3 yrs later I built u a coop, when you actually helped) Tractors are easy for a girl to make. FR's poop a lot, so a movable is better. I found that all though they do free range you have to remove their feed for a period of time everyday or they will only eat feed. They also don't fly that well kind of waddle. Because of their size I found hawks not to be a problem. Now owls that is a different story. The owl will go into an uncovered tractor to steal your birds, so make sure its covered. Michele
Last fall we were at our next door neighbors' enjoying evening drinks on their deck. Their fully grown cat ( 12 lbs.) was napping on the railing. All of a sudden she was screaming bloody murder and up. up, and away as a barn owl swooped down and carried it to their barn roof 75 feet away where it met it's demise. If a barn owl can carry off a 12 lb cat, what chance does a 6-9 lb chicken have from a much larger hawk?
Yes owls are much bigger than a hawk. I think that hawks can take your chickens no problem, I was stating that I personally, even though they hover over my house 2 to 3 times a day, (as I live in the sticks) have not had a hawk steal my chickens yet, I do worry about my D'Uccles though, I just think I have 3 good roosters that send out an alarm call when ever their is a hawk hovering and everyone scatters and takes cover in the underbrush.
I've used Premier's poultry net with good results, but I brood the chicks for 2-3 weeks beforehand. If the fence is charged well, they will stay inside. If not, they will slip through. I find it best to have two rolls of netting, in order to move the tractor into fresh grass.
Thanks for the replies! We will be using a tractor within the fencing to secure them at night. I plan to brood them indoors first, then transition to the tractor for a short time before letting them free in the full fenced area. Sounds like it should work!
A friend uses the poultry net. He likes it for the extra range it allows (He also has Freedom Rangers) They do get picked off by hawks occasionally because they can fly right in, grab and go. He first had a portable "hoop house" for shelter but they all would not go in at night and had more taken by owls. Lots of pros and cons. Good luck.

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