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While cruising the Alberta forum there was talk at a show apparently of a booth for "Premise ID". Which is some type of Government registration of land owners and their animals. Not only cattle but poultry as well. Does anyone on this side of the border know anything about this?
That is the NAIS (National Animal Identification System) or now with a new name of Federal Animal Disease Traceability System. There was such a huge angry uproar over this program. It was a 3-step piece of regulation that required people to register their property if they kept any livestock animal (yes, chickens too, and horses, llamas, fish, almost everything except dogs and cats), then tag each animal or group of animals with an RFID (microchip), and then report all movements of those animals to the gov't within 48 hours. Incredibly intrusive, overbearing, and expensive regulation. The USDA took so much heat that they apparently scrapped the program, but they really just gave it a new name and framework. It is still being pushed.

One of the most irritating aspects of it is that it would apply to everyone, even if they had one chicken. USDA keeps repeating the mantra, "it's about food safety"; then why oh why are horses, alpacas, and other non-food animals included? It's about control.
Ditto to that. There is no reason for it. It will do nothing to ensure the safety of our food.
As far as I know cattle people keep records anyhow right?
And they haven't had a hard time tracing this salmonella thing either.

So who do we contact to complain about this type of thing?
Yes, many farmers keep their own records, and there already are programs to trace some diseases, like scrapie in sheep. it's simply too burdensome, especially since small farms aren't excluded. And the funny thing is, the salmonella eggs wouln't be traced by the NAIS, it's only for live animals, not their products. All tracing stops at the slaughterhouse, which is where most food-bourne illness gets into the food supply

In my state, the DATCP (Dept of Ag, Trade, & Consumer Protection) is the one enforcing NAIS. WI is also one of only 2 states that made premises ID mandatory
I'd contact state legislators, the governor, maybe your state ag dept, and also the USDA. They all need to get a constant earful on how much we don't want this.

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