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    Coturnix Quail Eggs

    I have had numerous happy hatches with a lot of members on this board, some more than 2,500 miles away! I am preparing for the egg season starting in March. (Prices are below pictures)

    All my breeding pens are color seperated, so you won't be getting weird cross-mutated colors. (Except we are developing a strain of red/english whites to create a tuxedo, which is still a pure color)

    We currently have pens of:

    Rosetta Tuxedo
    British Range Tibetan
    Some British Range Rosetta
    English Whites
    Red Tuxedos
    Maybe (?) some Fawns
    Standard Tuxedo
    Rosetta Tuxedo
    And sometimes more, depending on availability.

    We guarantee our eggs will give you a great hatch rate... if you are not satisfied, we will either refund your money or send you more eggs free of charge. (Though depending on the situation, you may need to pay the shipping.)

    All eggs are shipped via USPS Priority Mail, or Express mail for a higher rate. Shipping for under 75 is a flat $7, for over it is $15.00.

    We also make sure you get a good hatch rate by including 50% more to your order. For example, if you order 25 eggs, you get 38-40.

    We can say we are one of the best breeders in the US because of a few things:
    Quote:Here are some photos of our quail

    [​IMG] Manchurian Hen
    [​IMG] Chicks
    [​IMG] Chicks
    [​IMG] Chicks
    [​IMG] Chicks
    [​IMG] Manchurian Hen
    [​IMG] Eggs
    [​IMG] Tuxedo
    [​IMG] Pharaoh
    [​IMG] Pharaoh
    [​IMG] Pharaoh
    [​IMG] Manchurians and Tibetans
    [​IMG] Manchurians and Tibetans

    For more pictures, visit our site:

    Thanks for your interest!

    Our price list: (Contact us for a downloadable copy) (Prices are for the full order, NOT per egg)

    *Heat Treated Eggs are eggs that have been 'heat treated', or put through a special process to further increase hatch-ability by advancing the embryo to a certain stage, then quickly cooled down to below room temperature to capture the embryo in that stage of development, so that when it is shipped, the more mature embryo is more able to grow because it is more hardy than it' counterparts.

    For more eggs, please contact us for pricing.

    We also have live birds available, please check our site for more info.

    In each order, we include information on flock biosecurity, so expect a small packet with USDA, APHIS and my own publications on care, and how to combat disease in your flock! [​IMG]
    **NPIP note: We are not NPIP tested. We don't believe that this system benefits gamebirds because they take so much time to test, and once you test, you can only guarantee they are disease free for the next 24 hours. Please contact us if you have any questions why we do so. We do keep our birds clean and healthy, so when we do routine tests for pullorum on our own, we know they will be negative. If you want to see these tests, please ask!**

    Fertility note: We have weekly fertility checks on all breeding pens. Please contact us if you want a log included with your order.

    Included in Box:

    * Eggs
    * Cartons for hatching (Increases hatch %)
    * Packing order
    * Feedback form/Affidavit
    * Our custom brochure, outlining all of the steps in quail care


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    Hello Andrew, I was wondering if you could do this in august

    If could get these as females

    Jumbo Brown
    English White
    A & M
    2 Tibetan
    3 Manchurian
    Roux Dilute
    dark tibetan
    Golden Speckled Italian

    If these could be the males,

    Red Tuxedo
    Rosetta Tuxedo
    Standard Tuxedo
    Tibetan Tuxedo

    Thankyou [​IMG] -Brian

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