Preparing my coop.HELP PLEASE!


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Apr 25, 2010
So we got our coop and its ready to be occupied. I laid pine shavings down but what else should I have. The only thing in there is feed and water.Anything else? I just feel like Im missing something?They have a roost that runs the entire length of the coop in front of the five nesting boxes.


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Aug 5, 2009
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My Coop
ladder for the roost??? Poop board for under roost??? container for grit, container for crushed oyster shells? You have the nestboxes, feeder and waterer, cover for floor. Feed storage container/feed? One roost enough?
I also keep: scraper for poop on small hook on the wall; DE in a storage container so I have it handy when I need it; some mason jars with cracked corn, boss &other grains, raisins etc. for treats; a big flashlight; container with Stall-Dri or PDZ. I have space in the coop to keep a few metal cans with lids for feed, DE, PDZ so I have it handy when needed. Also have a couple of shelves for the mason jars and the flashlight. If I need the girls to come in the coop I just shake a mason jar with treats and they come running.....Don't know about your coop size/space. I also have a waterer and a roost for the run. I have a couple of hooks overhead so I can hang cabbage or lettuce when the weather is bad/winter for the girls to stay busy and also keep a couple of the suet feeders to stuff with greens or suet in the winter. My girls don't like snow much so they stay in a lot or just hang out in the covered run. Having something to peck on keeps them from getting bored and pecking on each other....I am lazy and hate running back t the garage to get stuff I need fairly often so I tend to keep enough in the coop to last for a couple of weeks. But I also only have a small flock of 6 and a good size converted shed as a coop...


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Mar 6, 2010
Sounds like your ready for any and everything.
Where's your bob shelter.
Just joking.
I'll use a few of your ideas.

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