Preparing to do my first hatch!

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    Aug 15, 2008
    Today I bought a still air Little Giant, I would have bought a hova but couldn't find one in my area, and really I dont have the money for that.
    In any case, I have been a little scatterbrained, so I can't keep all the right info in my mind. Partly cause I"m excited, and the fact that theres alot on my mind. !
    I bought the Digital themometer but couldn't find the water wiggler. [​IMG]
    So I have this normal LG no fan, no turner.
    Heres the questions:
    Do I need to buy a hydrometer as well?
    When starting out should I have both plugs open or closed? I don't live in a humid area.
    Do I fill all 3 water wells or just 1 or 2 at first? Theres 2 smaller ones and one larger one.
    What stores can I look in for a water wiggler? (tried wal-mart)
    Some people put cartons in their bators. Should I do that or just lay them (the eggs) on their sides in there?
    I read someone put a computer fan on their L.G. (sorry don't remember your name) How easy is that to do?
    Sorry this is long, please any answers would be awesome!
    I probably have more questions, but can't remember them right now. I'm so Eggcited![​IMG][​IMG]
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    Jul 18, 2008
    Indiana, Pennsylvania
    There is plenty of people on here that will have way better info than I do but just wanted to help ya out with some things...

    For one congrats on coming to the "dark side" ('ll never get out!!! mua ha hahahaaha! [​IMG] ).

    I too have an LG still air, no turner and no fan.

    I've hatched 3 clutches so far

    I also have a digital thermometer (from walmart) it also reads the humidity.

    I took a week without eggs to adjust my incubator accordingly and by the time I had it stable around 99.5-102 the eggs were at my door ready to go in. [​IMG] I let the eggs sit big end up for 6 hours then popped them in the bator...I now have 9 day old Pharoah Coturnix chicks to show for it. [​IMG] My hatch rate was low mostly impart to shipping (cracked eggs), but also my humidity was a little low for the first few days of "dont turn anymore time" so some chicks were fully formed and died in their shells which was sad but i was reassured that it just happens every now and I've formed a tough shell around myself for those types of situations now and just accept them. [​IMG]

    I do not own nor have I used a wiggler. I think tis' a cool idea, but I also think that you dont necc. need one, but it WILL better give you an idea of the temp inside the egg..however all I did for my eggs was I layed the thermometer/humidity guage right by the eggs and used that as my temp guage...worked pretty well, I have over 40 chicks to show for it. [​IMG]

    I hand turned all the eggs....I dont see thepoint in buying a turner for this thing when it costs just as much as the incubator itself does i'd rather just buy another incubator for that kinda money ahaha!!!

    A lot of people dont like the LGs i think they're fine, but if you have a fluctuating temp room your temps will fluctuate inside your bator...I watch my bator like a hawk.. getting too hot for my liking (if the temp reads 102.8) I pull a plug out...or if it's still going up, i open teh bator and fan my hand at it a few times that usually brings it down for a godo while [​IMG] If it's too cold i put the plug in (if it's really cold) or i just put a paper towel over the plugs hole and maybe a thin shirt and that usually does it. [​IMG] I never take both plugs out but some will probably say you should...though I have live chicks so...i guess what's good for me is what i'll keep doing [​IMG].

    I do still want a hovabator soon, with a turner (cuz i'd like to be lazy a bit ha ha), and fan.

    oh and try some dollar stores for wigglers may find em there Or the toy stores [​IMG]
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  3. Riocotesei

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    Aug 15, 2008
    Thanks for the reply! I tried a dollar store near me, no luck.
    I don't think my themometer does humidity on it...[​IMG]

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