Preparing Young Rooster for Show Pen Two Nights Before

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    I have a couple cockerels / bullstags very recently picked to be taken would be taken to a show this weekend. First I brought only to have toddler daughter promptly pull tail feathers out. The swapped him for number two pick. Second bird and daughter were managed much tighter. After holding and petting him about an hour with daughters more channeled help, we was ready to feed treats. After an additional 30 minutes of that he was released to walk about the house. My daughter followed him around most of the time has he pecked about for eats. He jumped into bathroom mirror more than once which I had to prevent. Occasionally I would go over and pick him up and then gave him a stroke and a treat before putting him down with my daughter so they could resume their stroll. Daughter saw what I was doing with mealworms and began grabbing them one at a time and taking them to the rooster. Rooster quickly caught on and met her halfway to gently peck between her fingers for the eats. Daughter got to be feeling really important doing what her daddy does. Only about 2 hours required to get bird calm enough to be picked up without trying to get away. Daughter in the end helped a lot.
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    Is your line that easy to tame or is daughter that good?
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    That's such a sweet story. I can just picture it.
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    [​IMG] with the pulling tail feathers out!

    I sure wish it were feasible for you to travel the country giving seminars on how to deal with roosters.
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    I travel to different venues showing chicken biology to kids and adult alike. Boundaries pushed sometime with respect to birds and the bees. Even when showing folks first hand a particular concept, if they have a different idea they are slow to take it in.

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