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    Jun 17, 2019
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    Hello everyone,

    We are over the moon to have successfully hatched our first batch of chicks, one marans and six bantam cochins who are about a week old and living with their loving mama hen in an 11 square feet cage like this, in one of the wings of the hen house.

    Now come the multiple questions, one of which is how do we prep them for the big outdoors?
    I heard that it was a good thing to confront them with outdoor bacteria to build up immunity, should I start digging up tufts of grass and putting them in the nursery cage?

    Also, due to the configuration of the hen house they are not getting any sunlight, which seems a bit mean on them and their mum.
    We will be building a specific mobile outdoor run for them (probably similar to the cage they already have pictured above, only slightly bigger), so that the other members of the flock can see but not pester them, but at what age can we start putting them in there for maybe just an hour here and there at the beginning (so that I can clean their smelly coop out properly)?

    Extra info if needed : the setup will be in our orchard where everyone free ranges in the day time before night time lockdown, so plenty of shaded patches to choose from, and summer looks like it's finally here to stay, so we're looking at temperatures of 25 C° (77 F) and above.
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    Feb 17, 2019
    They can be moved outside with mom,no prepping.Just provide shelter and feed& water.All that oen needs is s roof to block out sunlight and they should be good to go.
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    I never do and integrate right with the flock at about 5 days old. Momma takes them out when ready.

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