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    Feb 10, 2008
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    We are now taking preorders for hatching eggs for the different varities of chickens and turkeys that we are breeding. Eggs will be well packaged and sent USPS priority mail. Shipping cost is figured by your zip code, please include it when you are placing your order.
    12+ chicken eggs are $20 for Buff Orpingtons, Rhode Island Reds, Blue Cochins, Speckled Sussex, Mottled Javas, non standard color Ameraucanas all Standard size. Yes you can mix and match chicken eggs for the same cost.
    12+ turkey eggs are $32 for Bourbon Reds, Royal Palms, Standard Bronze, and White Hollands.
    12+ Beltsville Small White turkey eggs are $40 and 12+ Midget White turkey eggs are $35.00.
    Cuckoo Marans and Copper Black Marans eggs are available in limited quanities - please PM or email for details.
    Please see our website for pictures. We are updating the website with new pictures hoping to be done within the next week.
    We are getting some chicken eggs now (BO, RIR, and Ameraucans) please remember that eggs can and will freeze in transit.
    We prefer PayPal but will work with you.
    Thank you,

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    Dec 27, 2009
    Could you give me a rough guideline on when you would start Bourbon Reds for Thanksgiving processing? I only have experience with the broad breasted whites and would expect the Bourbons to be slower growing. Are you booking up for the Bourbon eggs already?


    -Jena Becker
    Becker Farms

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