PRESALE FOR SPRING: LF Cochins and Lemon Blue Bantams

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    This is for a PRESALE for spring chicks! I have LF cochins in blue, black, gold laced, silver laced and partridge. I will possibly have barred cochins also. The gold laced rooster is small for a standard cochin. He was sold to me as a chick from a breeder, but did not turn out to be giant. I also have lemon blue bantams.

    I plan to hatch on a weekly basis and ship on Mondays. I will most likely be able to start shipping in late March or early April depending on how many eggs I am getting at the time.

    Price is $6.00/chick straight run. THIS INCLUDES BOX AND SHIPPING CHARGES! Minimum is 15 chicks. It will be an assortment of colors as I do not have a lot of hens of each color. If you would like more of a certain color, just let me know and I will collect as many eggs as I can from them to hatch for you.

    If, for any reason, I can not provide the chicks as ordered, I will gladly refund your money. There is no charge right now. I am just starting a waiting list and you can pay the week before I ship your chicks.

    I am NPIP and AI tested. You can view my website

    Please do not hit BIN button. Just PM me if you would like to be on a waiting list!

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