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    May 7, 2009
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    Russo's Roost Gazette;

    Yesterday it was reported that "Tinkerbelle" had gone 3 for 3. Off to a great start for laying eggs. Here's the post;

    Today Blondie answered the challenge, cause she's a blond bok boooooook bok. She said "I couldn't let that Golden Comet be the only breed in the yard laying so I trained all night last night and ducked into the laying box when no one was looking and did my duty for Plymouth Rock Barred chicks everywhere"

    Brigitte is running around the pen extolling her sisters accomplishments, we all have a feeling she may be next to join the hit parade.

    Haley and Cybil were seen huddled in the corner having a conference and overheard was "What are we doing wrong?"
    Don't worry girls, your day will come.

    Tinkerbelle made room for Blondie on the roost of distinction and welcomed the competition and company, she said "It has been lonely at the top" and later on she said "Say, do you have any grey poupon?" so I guess all is well between the two accomplished layers.

    Meanwhile, BB (Big Boy) sits on top of the wishing well with an all knowing smile on his beak and I noticed a second notch carved on the side of the coop, I guess he is keeping score after all.

    Stay tuned for future updates.

    That's all for now from our little chicken farm nestled between 2 mountain ranges in North Central Vermont. USA

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    Apr 2, 2009
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    What a fantastic sense of humor you have!! That is such a cool story and I am still laughing!!![​IMG]
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    [​IMG] I'm loving it! Now I'm off to read the previous article.

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