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    So I got a 23 quart Presto Pressure Cooker/Canner for Christmas! Yay! One of the reasons that I wanted it was so that I can can my own soup. But now, I'm not sure about it. From reading the Presto booklet, it sounds like broths can be canned, but not soup. Does anyone can soup?

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    I can soups, stews, chilis, sauces, etc. The main thing is to use the longest processing time & pressure recommended based on the individual ingredients.

    For example.... if the soup has beef, stock, carrots, potatoes, lookup the recommended processing for each ingredient. The longest item is the meat - 90 mintues @ 10 lbs for quart jars. That would be the processing I use for that soup.

    Some things to keep in mind: Noodles, pasta and rice cannot be added. They turn to mush in the jar. Leave these ingredients out and add them when you open the jar to prepare a meal.

    Do not add thickeners such as flour, tapioca and cornstarch. The only safety tested thickening agent is Clearjel. That'll find plenty of people who do use other thickeners. But it's not recommended...I stick with Clearjel or leave out the thickening agent and add when the jar is opened to use.

    Also, get a copy of the Ball Blue Book. There are many safety tested recipes in it for soups, stews, etc. You'll find the BBB is indispensable, with directions for canning, freezing and drying almost everything.

    The National Center For Home Food Prreservation website would also be helpful:

    And I like the site. They only post safety tested recipes, and have clear step by step directions with photos for newbies:

    I have 2 Presto canners....including the 23 qt. They've never let me down. Good luck and keep us posted on your progress. Oh....and do join us on the canning thread. Lots of good 'reading' there. [​IMG]
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    You know, foolish me didn't even think of the Blue Book. I was just going by the Presto book. I did read in there about the rice, etc. But it also mentioned to can veggies apart from the broth. If I did that, I just don't see my husband serving himself up a bowl of home-canned soup using two jars LOL. Thanks for the responses. I can't wait to get started on canning soup.

    I did use the pressure cooker the other night, and had falling off the bone BBQ ribs after 15 minutes cooking. Amazing! I wonder how tripe would turn out ..... I'm going to make a ham in it tomorrow night.

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