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    So one of the classes I took this semester at Sierra College was Animal Feeds and Nutrition. I had the same prof last semester for Animal Science and she's so nice. Anyways, she asked me to teach part of the poultry unit! I think it'll be really fun, but also kinda nervewracking! It's one thing to do some silly oral project in front of your peers, it's another thing to have to teach them for college credits! I'm just supposed to go over the basics of poultry nutrition for a 15-20 minute long lecture. So I thought I'd briefly go over domestication of poultry (as she's done that with every other species), talk about the avian GI tract, and then go into brief detail about the different poultry groups: chickens (layers, broilers, and some tidbits about games), gamefowl (quail and pheasants), waterfowl (lump them all together), and other poultry (like emus). She said I can use any credible sources I like. Any tips or suggestions? Any fun facts you'd like to throw out that would fit into my lecture? Wow, this will be interesting!

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    bring in a chicken and maybe you'll get a demonstration of how the gi tract works. [​IMG]

    Have fun.
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    You can post your lecture on here and we will tell you how good it is. [​IMG]
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    You can post your lecture on here and we will tell you how good it is. [​IMG]

    [​IMG] [​IMG]

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