Pressure Treated Wood?


8 Years
Dec 7, 2011
Seems like I remember many years ago hearing it was not a good idea to build bird houses with pressure treated wood for various reasons (birds don't like it, chemicals not good for birds, etc.). If that is the case, is there a problem with using some PT wood while building the chicken coop? I've used 4 4x4 PT posts for the 4 corners of the coop and a few PT 2x4s to build the outside frame. The rest of the wood was all recycled NON-PT 2x4s and I covered the outside with 100 year old barn wood. Any ideas of the PT wood being a problem for the chickens? Thanks in advance!!!
I work with treated wood often. As long as water running off the treated wood does not come in contact with drinking water or food your birds should be fine. There have been 3 types of treated wood chemicals introduced in the past 10 years, the old type CCA was very bad for anmimals. The second type rusted nails out and caused the lumber to warp too much when drying. The newest type introduced a couple years ago is a much better "nature and non-warp friendly" type.
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So as long as their food and water are away from the coop, the PT corner boards should not be a problem?? There should be no problem with the chickens brushing up against them, will there? I mean - it won't irritate their outer body, will it? Thanks, again!!!

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