Pressure's on - peeps arrive June 19


10 Years
Mar 11, 2010
Frederick, MD
I just ordered 6 new peeps from Meyer to arrive in the week of June 19. I have no room for them in the house or in the current hen house. So I decided to build a coop/brooder like this:

The dimensions are 5'x4' and the area underneath and to the left will be screened in so that when the peeps are ready to go outside they'll be protected from the big girls. This whole contraption will be inside my very secure big run where my current flock of 11 hens roam. I am not going to screen the vents below the roof because there is nothing that is going to come into the run anyway. The construction is 2x4 for the frame and 2x2 to hold the 1/2" plywood together. The bottom portion at the front is hinged for easy cleaning and the right had upper portion of that wall is a door that opens to tend to the chicks water and feed. Eventually I may mount a nest box on the right hand side wall that you can't see in this pic, should they want this. There are nest boxes in the big coop so I'm not decided whether that is necessary.

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