Pretty Green/beige mottled egg

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  1. I always had a feeling my silkie wasn't true to her silkie roo last year. The first clue was all that white skin on some of her babies. My suspicion was that she had been visiting some of her silkiexcross sons (or they jumped in to visit with her). Now I'm wondering if my EE roo jumped that fence.

    One of her daughters - who looks like a silkie except for the white skin - laid an egg yesterday. It is the regular off-white almost beige silkie color but has a pretty green mottling on it. The green is the color some of my ee's lay. Such a pretty little egg.

    Perhaps it was her Easter Gift to me.

    I'm going to blow it out and save it.
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  2. justusnak

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    Is your silkie part of our "hooker group"?? See any yarn laying in her pen!?? [​IMG]
    Sounds like a beautifull little egg...can you post a pic?
  3. I'll work on a pic. Catching the colors might be interesting. Dh might like that challenge.
  4. wynedot55

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    sounds like you have a siklkie EE cross hen.

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