Pretty Muscovy duckling - boy/girl and color name please?


11 Years
May 9, 2008
Central Iowa
This is my favorite of the ducklings in color so far. What is it called and do you think s/he looks like a hen or drake at this point. Also about how old? We got Her
May 15th and she was already pretty big but has feathered in a lot since then. I would say a little less than half the size of my full grown hen.


Here is a white one the same age that without much muscovy experience I am pretty sure is a drake

It's been my experience that the Females will feather in a little faster than the males... in the faces & up the backs more noticably.

The 1st duck looks liek it might be a girl, I am basing that just on the head shape though. How does 'she' compare in size to the pretty obvious male? Also, the color looks to be Silver pied but i can't see all of her so you may have to wait a little longerto see how the rest of the feathers come in.
I was looking at them today (it's fun just to watch them and they are getting to trust me that way)

Anywho - the silver one is a little smaller than the white ones (which I think are alllllll drakes) and this other barred one. She also has thinner legs. So I am going to go out on a limb and say girl. S/he is staying regardless of what she is and will replace my grown drake who is not at all tame. I bought him grown up and he was never imprinted on humans.

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