Pretty pink eggs :D


10 Years
May 10, 2009
East central MN
My hen just started laying last week. The outside is a cream but when they are broke open the inside is a very pretty pink. The picture was from my phone camera so it's not the best but I'll get pics from a real camera soon.


EDIT: Silly me, I forgot to take off the membrane. It's cream colored. Too bad,'s still pretty though and people I give eggs to still like the "pink" insides.
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She is a black silkie/cochin cross.

I'm waiting for the yellow/buff girl to lay now and see what she gives me. She's a marans/orpington crossed with silkie. I thought she was a hen for 7 months but this last month she's made me doubt it so I'm waiting for an egg or a crow. Hoping for an egg.

I was working on my coop so the laying flock went in with my silkies. Those girls desided to claim the eggs as their own. :)

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