Pretty proud of my new mini fridge incubator


11 Years
Apr 15, 2012
Northwest Colorado
Started with the small incu kit which didnt get to temp even though I'd done a test with a light bulb & had it up over 100* . With lot's of eggs coming I was in a rush to get it running . So I snagged the wafer off of my old Hovabator some fans off some old computer towers & wired up some light's . Rigged up a few egg turners & we're ready to go . It's holding temp pretty evenly on all the shelves so we're ready for the eggs ! Love the fact that I can now hatch out over a 100 egg's with a separate hatcher shelf & there's enough window space that all 3 kid's can watch eggs hatch ( big plus after using my hovabator )


Care to share some more details? Ventilation holes, how many, size, where? Light bulb watt and placement? More than 2 bulbs? Fan placement? Thermostat model? Temp variation at corners and at middle, from top to bottom? How did you bleed off the freon?
Thanks I'm pretty happy with it considering my building skills are minimal :)

And ventilation holes not sure on the size but I've got 2 on each side (bottom & mid way) 4 in the top 9 in the door ( row's of 3 midway top & bottom ) these are the size of my soldering iron . 2 60 watt bulbs placed about midway on the side with 3 computer fans above them 2 blowing down & 1 blowing up . Thermostat is a wafer I snagged off my 1602n hovabator that will someday be replaced with a digital . No big cold spots that I've found the shelves very by a few points but all are between 99* & 100* . As for the freon it was drained when I got it :)
Good job! I personally use a normal mini fridge because it works perfectly. They come pretty cheap too! I found a few different ones to choose from based on price and reviews from here your interested
Thanks :) this was a normal mini fridge that had died on my dad so free ( big plus lol) .

Running for about 36 hours now & the temps are staying nice & steady on all the shelves :)

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