Pretty sure I saw my chicken killer this morning


15 Years
Aug 16, 2007
Louisville, Kentucky
and it was a gray fox. At first I thought it was someone's small dog but it was walking away really fast and trotted right past a rabbit that was frozen in place so I assume it had it's breakfast in its mouth and was heading home. So I then did a search on gray foxes and found out they can walk right up a tree trunk!!!!
So that was a scary thing to know. Anyway, all this time I've been looking for a red fox not a gray one. So birds that roost in trees would be in danger from foxes...I had no idea. It also said gray foxes are smaller than red foxes so they can get through smaller holes.
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Free Spirit

The Chiarian
Oct 21, 2015
I'm sorry for your loss.

Foxes can jump a 6 foot fence and climb some that are higher. I would not let birds roost in trees because they are also prey to owls, raccoons, and opossums at night. In the winter they are subject to direct cold winds and lose body heat if their feathers get ruffled.

Best to have them locked up in a secure area at night to reduce any further losses.

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