Pretty sure she's a roo!

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    Oct 20, 2011
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    I would be glad to be told that I am wrong but I think Smoke is a rooster. We were worried that Ink (the black one) was the rooster based on the behaviours she was displaying, but looking at tail feathers and comb development, I think Smoke now has one foot out the door. Too bad because I really like the red spots that are showing up on her shoulders!
    Smoke out front

    Ink (suspected roo no more!)

    Chick #3

    Smoke and Chick #4

    They are all 7-8 weeks old.

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    Mar 3, 2011
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    I don't know.... he/she doesn't look very rooish to me, but then again I am no expert! Haha [​IMG]. If I remember correctly my roo had a larger comb than that at 7-8 weeks. Some of my pullets did too, and it set me off on a false roo alarm. Honestly, in my not very expert opinion, I think she/he is too young to tell as of yet, but try and post this in the "What breed/gender is this?" forum. The folks there are very good at sorting out the roos from the pullets! Hopefully someone will come onto this thread and give a definite answer! [​IMG] Good luck with little Smoke!
    ETA to correct some silly mistakes...[​IMG]
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