Pretty urgent.... Chick with infected eye


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Feb 22, 2016
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My Coop
I have a 1.5 week old Light Sussex chick with what looks like an infected eye. Never had this before with any of my chickens. It's eye is gooey and the feathers around it are wet. Not sure what to do. With other animals, cotton wool dipped in warm salt water works, and I was thinking of doing this. Just want to check with other BYC people out there if it's a good idea. I don't want to go making the eye worse. Does anyone have any suggestions? Is salt water cotton wool a good bet? Is there a better idea? Should I just leave the chick be?
I won't do the cotton wool thing unless I have a reply saying it's okay. I don't want to risk hurting this 'lil chick.



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Jan 4, 2012
wouldn't salt burn the eye...?
They have over the counter meds for infection in the eye....that we have used and they worked, don't have the name of the product but will try to find it..

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