PrettyBoy Silkie Rosecomb mix 1 year old little roo

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    Mar 25, 2009
    St. Charles, IL
    Woke up one morning and noticed his Dad is...OMG!...a ROOSTER! Now all he thinks about is conquering that ROOSTER!

    Oh no, our pretty little babyroo has all grown up. Now he needs a good loving home where he can be the only rooster. Dad is a black Silkie, mom is a tiny black rosecomb. He crows a lot, and its very beautiful compared to others we've heard. His rosecomb grandpa was last year's grand champion crower at the Illinois State Fair. We bet he could win some awards for his crowing and trainability. He makes a very good lap pet.

    His sister is a pretty lavender Silkie/Americauna mix, some would call her an easteregger, she lays a pretty pink egg every 2-3 days. She can accompany her brother. She would miss him. He takes good care of her.

    Can't figure out how to post his picture here. He's very pretty!

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