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    Hey guys!
    I recently and just finish a corid prevention cycle on my 5 chickens after a recent death in the family. It’s really hot and some times wet over here! I live in SC and it can reach 90 degrees and I was wondering if the heat and the wet/muggy conditions could cause them to develop problems. I always make sure that they have fresh clean water but was wondering if I should add any vitamins or electrolytes to it. I have 3 black stars and 1 leghorn. Also should I worry if one of my BS comb is alittle pale or could that just be because of the hot weather! Thanks!!
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    I would not add anything to the water since in that heat it could quickly grow something nasty.

    But you can provide more cooling off treats. Watermelon leftovers are great as a cooling treat.

    With high heat, especially when accompanied by high humidity, your girls might enjoy the luxury of a fan.
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    I live in AZ and give my flock electrolytes when it's hot. Not every day, but a few times a week in the morning. Afternoons they get treats such as watermelon, cucumbers, and frozen blueberries. They also appreciate cool, moist dirt for a dusting and cool water to wade in.
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