Prevention of COCCIDIOSIS and other poultry diseases in chicks~ ACV.


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The use of ACV~apple cider vinegar, is an oft repeated subject on this forum and the discussion is usually the same each one knows how it works but some really vouch for its good effects on their flocks. I'll be the first to state that I wouldn't raise chickens without it's use anymore. I'm thoroughly convinced of its merits.

Here is a link about making vinegar and it has many interesting facts but the most significant for the subject on this post is on page 34 where it lists the many beneficial bacteria located in natural(not heat processed) vinegar~too many to list here!

***If you look closely you will find on that list at least one bacteria, in particular, that might interest those who are fearful of cocci in new chicks and want to take steps to prevent it.****

Pediococcus acidilactici

, Salmonella, Clostridium difficile and Escherichia coli among small animals.

Pediococcus acidilactici has not been stated in any literature to have toxic effects. Another potential benefit of using them as Probiotics is their use as alternative medicines against infectious parasitic pathogens like Eimeria* in broiler-chicken [6].

Quote: There is a wealth of information on the net about the beneficial bacterias present in the cultures that produce vinegar and many of the common bacteria that can sicken and kill humans and animals can be prevented from proliferating if vinegar is used. Botulism is one of these organisms, which is why vinegar has been used for many years in home preservation of foods.

Vinegar also has many vitamins and minerals that can provide valuable electrolytes and supplemental nutrition to growing birds, particularly those prone to dehydration like young chicks and the fast growing broiler breeds.

Quote: Minerals: as iron, manganese, calcium, copper, silicon, chlorine, sulphur, sodium, phosphorus and fluorine

amino acids and enzymes

Anyone else have good info about ACV that they would like to add?
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Well...I'm just finding this post after getting to your link on the OT thread. Thanks for posting this. Very good info.

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Thanks so much! I just asked the question about natural / organic means to prevent cocci in young chicks and I was given a link to your post. Very helpful thank you! I use Bragg'd organic apple cider vinegar in their waterer each time I fill it. I'm also going to use garlic cloves and comfrey tea.

Thanks again!


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I'm so glad people are starting out with preventions that are long term and multipurpose instead of just reaching for the medicated feeds. The vinegar has so many good effects on the animal's health that it seems silly to not utilize it as a broad-spectrum approach to flock health, doesn't it? It's can make more from your original purchase and it is good for humans and animals alike.


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Thank you for this post.

We have found more benefits to ACV each month, and really like having the science to support what we see in our flocks.

We started our chicks on ACV with mother last year, but were often lax on adding it to the water. Not anymore. We saw the difference in our birds when we were not using ACV regularly.


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You are my absolute favorite person today!!!! I have been wanting to make vinegar for quite a while and have not been able to find directions that were good enough to make me feel confident in trying. This is fabulous!!! Thanks so much for posting!

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