Previously injured Brahma lays down more than others...normal?

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    Jun 17, 2016
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    So the day we brought our chickens home, our dogs attacked them. :hit They killed one and injured another. The injured brahma didn’t have any flesh wounds, but she was trampled and had a limp. A month later she’s still got a slight limp. She gets around fine and acts normal, though I don’t see her scratching much at all. But she eats, drinks, chases bugs, bathes in the dust bath, goes up and down the ramp into the coop. She just seems to lay down a lot like she’s sleepy. More than our other 2. But seems completely normal when she’s up and about. Just curious if this is a normal behavior, or if it possibly stems from the leg injury? 3A62CE0B-14A5-49BF-B8C3-5ADE2B8C5DCD.jpeg
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    Could be the leg is bothering her.
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    Could be leg bothering her or she is just naturally lazy or more relaxed then others.I have a hen who has always been more of a sitter and relaxer then her sisters,even as a tiny chick.
  4. TheTwoRoos

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    Seems to be the bigger breeds.
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    The injury may have involved some nerve damage so she may always have a limp.

    Laying down a lot and looking sleepy is not a normal chicken behavior. Can you take a fresh poop sample to your vet for testing of worms and Coccidiosis overload?
  6. I think that breed is known for being pretty relaxed.
  7. micstrachan

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    My Brahma “chills” a little more than the other girls and seems perfectly healthy. I hope I’m right!

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