price cut- Serama Pairs - GA *Pics* Updated with more pairs


10 Years
Apr 6, 2009
Rome, GA
I have serama laying pairs for sale- $20 per pair
Down sizing cuz I have to many and its to much up keep right now
For Sale - Laying pairs
Vanilla rooster FREE
White pair roo has one black feather in his tail
Red roo and light hen pair
Light millie and speckled roo pair
BBRed and cream/white hen pair
Buff Columbian pair
Buff hen and speckled roo pair
Cream hen/ laced bbred roo
Cream buff hen/ red frizzle roo



This hen does come with a rooster he is just not in the pic

I just don't want to post 20 pics. pm me if you are interested in seramas
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only my seramas live in small cages cuz they have to be separated by pairs and all the cages are in a 16 x 24 house that has heat and air. they have outdoor cages that they go in during the day for play time, if its nice outside.
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A and B.
I'll have to weigh them out but I think most of the ones I have for sale right now are B's
Hey! Kelly is going to come to GA for Thanksgiving. We were wondering if we buy birds and pay now if you might hold them until then. We would maybe be interested in some new blood and neat colors that we dont have. Is there somewhere to see all the birds that you are selling?
I would if you were coming sooner. I really have to much up keep right now and thats why I have them priced so low. I need them to sell asap.

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