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  1. Ok, I'm gonna go look at another goat early next week. The guy was recommended to me by a couple of folks. When I called, he didn't have anything for sale until after kidding... After talking a while, I asked if he would consider selling a doe before she kids, and he said it would be expensive, around $350-$400.

    Now to me, that sounds reasonable for a registered 2 yr. old registered nubian doe that has been shown locally and won first place at county fair last year. AND she's due to kid in May.

    Anyway, IS that a reasonable price? I am really considering it. I had liked the Sannens from my reading, but I am sure I would love a Nubian, too. My other doe is half Sable, half Nubian anyway.

    The other thing is that I am sure it would give me good access to this guy's buck stock. He breeds for dairy show quality, good udders and milkers, so I think it might be worth it just for having him as a contact/mentor.

    Advise or reality check me before I go look, because I am [​IMG] an overly excited noodlehead about this goat project!

    It did not help that I went and looked at a friend's newborn kids yesterday.
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    Yup, sounds fair to me! Most of the show bred does I've seen go from $400 to $1000, and they're usually sold open. Of course in todays economy, you can find deals (under $300 for a bred doe) but you have to know people or just get lucky, and many times they're not SQ or they're percentage.

    ETA: make sure she's purebred, not American...makes a difference in value.
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    That's a great deal! I paid $250.00 a piece for mine as kids. As long as she checks out health wise, I'd go for it! Good luck![​IMG]
  4. Thanks - I will get some more information when I see him. And pictures, if I can get some! [​IMG]
  5. Ok, here she is. I asked and she is pure Nubian, not American. I took the picture, not the best angle.


    What do you think??
  6. Blackbird

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    She is very pretty! What are her bloodlines?

    Yes, Nubians are my favorite dairy goat, I have 10, PB, American, and mix.

    I think you will enjoy them.[​IMG]

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    Q Te Pie!

    She looks in the pic a little short of neck, but I think it's the way she's posing. She is fabulous! I love the reds, too (obviously, that's what I bought, too).
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    The price is reasonable. We might go that high for a pregger Nubian. She is a pretty goat, the pictue makes her legs and neck look short though. She looks like our Ginger. I would buy her, but thats just me!
  9. She is a little shorter than anyone else in the herd by an inch or so. Her mom (on premesis) is larger, and her sire is also. She is bred to a large young buck for this kidding... The breeder said he considered her height her main fault.

    However, I like her. She really didn't stand out from the herd when I was there, I think because she doesn't have splashy white marks and she wasn't tall and impressive.

    Glad I got some pictures to review. Those silly Nubian ears are getting to me. [​IMG]
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    Apr 22, 2008
    I know nothing about Nubians. Can someone tell me the difference between PB and American?

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