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  1. SimplyLogan

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    Jan 12, 2012
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    I have read several post about selling eggs, however most of them are several years old. That leads me to ask the question again. How much do you sell your eggs for? And do you sell mixed sizes, I have med and large layers? Before my horrific summer of hardly any eggs, I was selling an 18ct for 2$. Really just to get rid of the extras since my husband was deployed and I could not eat near as many as they were laying. I recently found out a lady I know was buying a dozen for $2.
  2. Around here I am lucky if I can get $2 per dozen. So, any extra eggs I get now, I cook and feed back to the girls. But, I only have about 7 hens laying now, since the neighborhood dogs had a killing spree....
  3. SunkenRoadFarms

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    Sep 11, 2014
    I get $3 per dozen, but I sell in an area where not a lot of people keep backyard flocks. I package so the carton weighs out to large or extra large size.
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    You need to check what they go for in your area, and what laws might apply to you selling your eggs. For example, here you can't sell eggs in a carton that has a logo on it from another company. I couldn't stick a dozen eggs in an egglands best carton and sell those. you can get a general idea here, but it's best to research what applies to you locally before you do anything.
  5. That is why quit selling eggs.At 50 cents a carton, I felt like I was giving the eggs away.

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    Mar 18, 2014
    I really want to know how much to sell for too! My 2 chickies have been laying too much for my 6 person family! We have like 5 or more full egg cartons just sitting in the fridge. [​IMG]They work 24/7! Always get 2-3 eggs a day.
  7. FarmerWife

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    Oct 27, 2010
    We sell ours for $2 dozen. We never buy our cartons, lots of people don't like fresh eggs, go figure. So I ask family members and other people I know to save me their egg cartons, we've never had to buy a carton. You could also post in your local freecycle, you can get lots of cartons that way for nothing. Some people are just glad to get them off their hands.
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    I don't sell like in general or at a market. I try to give to my daughters teachers and they insist on buying them. I really do it to get rid of extra eggs. It pays for the chicken food. They love the fresh eggs and some buy them if I have them available even if they don't need them. They do send me back the egg cartons so I can refill them. So I guess I'm unofficially selling eggs, mainly to friends. So the price don't matter as much, but I was curious in the event my new coming flock puts me in high production. I don't think the area matters about reusing egg cartons, because there is one lady near that does sell lots of eggs and she reuses cartons with whatever on them. I do know if I try to officially sell I need to make sure an check the area laws. I just wanted to know what others sold their eggs for.
  9. SoonerMykah

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    Jul 25, 2014
    I do $3 if I provide carton and $2.50 if they bring a carton exchange. I use Craigslist and facebook (most towns have a garage sale section) if I get heavy... I am usually back ordered for days.
  10. hennible

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    $4.50 a Heath food store sells them for me, I use recycled cartons, they retail the eggs for $5 and can't keep them in stock.

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