Price of day olds gone up....


12 Years
Jun 6, 2007
Last year when we bought our day old chicks, they cost about $1.15 each. This year, the same place wants $2.50 per day old. Has the price in general gone up for chickens?

We were going to buy some white rock cornish cross birds for meat for starters, let them reach the weight they need to be, than have them processed, than buy some more day olds of what we got last year. I have found another place that sells the white rocks cheaper(like what we paid last year), but now I need to find a good hearty breed that will be dual purpose, but will do as well as the type we bought last year, for the second batch of birds for this year.

Any suggestions for a breed that is dual purpose, have a good meat flavor, is generally a friendlier breed etc, that will endure our Ontario climate??
Oh my, I guess I shouldn't complain about the price of day olds here!!
about 5 weeks ago we bought some chicks at the feed store for $2.25 wednesrday i went in for some feed and to check if they had br chicks i wanted and the price is now $2.65.
Usually this time of year the TSC Store is advertising their "Chick Days" where you can get white rocks day olds for .99 cents a piece. This year they haven't put in their newspaper ads, I'm wondering if they used to get them form the same hatchery as we did and found it too costly to offer the chicks this year.
Okay, I'll stop complaining about the price's of chicks up here!!

Actually, I'd really like to try out incubating/hatching eggs here at home, but that's another ball game

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