Price to charge for a trio Beltsvilles/SOLD

Discussion in 'Turkeys' started by spook, Oct 25, 2009.

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    Greetings folks, I have a trio of Beltsvilles, 3 months old. I was not cut out to be a turkey momma and need to rid my yard of these darlings! What would you charge for them?
    I appreciate your views on this matter and thank you in advanced.
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    Sorry it did not work out being a turkey mama. I guess price would depend on the sex, is your trio a male and 2 females? The Beltsville turkeys are a very rare bird. You can not get them from a hatchery only breeders. Also a good marketing tool for you would be to state that they will be breeding age in the spring. And they are awsome layers. Steve thinks a fair price for a young trio would be $150. Also look around your area and see what rare turkeys are going for.
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    Ok, from what I gather, they are Beltsville Whites. I say this because of the book of Standards and what they are shown under at the fairs/shows.
    This is a trio of 2 females, 1 male, hatched in July of this year. The young Tom has the black "button" or tassle started.
    These are not going to be a high priced sale, I'd like to see them go together and I was definately thinking more on the lines of $75!
    Now as far as turkeys go, I love the broad breasted whites, they are the sweetest social birds I've seen, but all great runs end and this week they are going to freezer camp and I cannot keep up care of the trio, pen, etc. I love my hens and need to get back to enjoying them.
    Thank you for your time and opinions, I do appreciate it.
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    Ok, this discussion is over, sold, picked up and had a wonderful visit with another BYC member! Thanks Sands I appreciate your help! Thanx!

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