Price to charge for adult, holdback breeder trio?

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Apr 1, 2008
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Due to an emergency involving our water pump (in the well) and the casing filling with water and frying our pump--I've had to scale back my poultry breeding operation & thus, my coop project for this spring/summer (tripling the coop) has been scaled back to simply doubling the size. The cost of the new pump will be approx $6,000

This will only allow me to have 7 large breeds and 3 maybe four, bantam breeds.

Because of the fact I'm trying to focus on rare and critically endangered breeds--my others (not as rare or not APA standard) need new homes.

I'm selling my BBS Orp trio and my Lemon Blue cochin trio. All of these were hatched last summer. All four of the hens are laying regularly and the eggs have been fertile. All of the birds are huge, gentle, healthy and beautiful. These were my personal holdbacks for my own breeders (the lesser birds were previously sold).

So what do I charge for these birds? I went to the Monroe show this weekend and saw pairs going for $120.00
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Jan 4, 2009
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Well, being that they are an F2 and not a "final" product, I'd go $120 on them at most. You COULD put them on eggbid and get a MUCH higher price on them!

I think we need some photos up in here!
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